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  1. 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    I do have the title. Pm me an offer.

    Are you planning to build it?
  2. Go Topless Day, RILEY

    It's a kick ass run....you start in a little town North of Soccorro and can go all the way to Magdalena.

    There's a cool river crossing in Riley that goes to a really old church, great photo op!
  3. earth date; thanksgiving day eve

    Day 1 I have slipped passed NMOR defenses undetected, already I can feel the strange life forms accepting me as their own. The food is terrible, I still dont understand the locals affinity for sloshing green and red chili on everything they eat but I am learning the culture.
  4. May 2012 Topless Run

    Quote Originally Posted by RaneMan05TJ View Post
    Had alot of fun today!!!! Thanks for doing such a great job of setting this up. Here are a few of my favorite pics that I shot today. Hopefully I will have the video from the "jeepcam" of us reaching the top up soon....

  5. Developing a love of automobiles, for ladies

    Ladies deserve to know their way around an automobile, just as much as a boy. False obstacles erected by sexist ideas must end. Here's the best way to teach girls about vehicles and just the barrier. You can determine which car to buy easily.

    Put ‘Top Gear’ on the Television

    If you know a girl who needs to learn more about automobiles, maybe you could have them watch programming such as “Top Gear” to get interested. The show does not ...
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